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All patients with Diabetes are required to be seen at least annually by the Practice Nurse. Blood & urine tests must
be performed prior to attending these clinics so that results can be discussed and treatment altered if necessary.

Diabetes is caused by excessive glucose in the blood.  This occurs when the pancreas does not produce any or not
enough insulin.  Main symptoms include passing water frequently, increased thirst, extreme tiredness, itchiness,
weight loss and blurred vision.  A lot of people are unaware they have it.

There are 2 types of Diabetes:

  •  Type 1 - insulin dependent diabetes usually affects younger people
  •  Type 2 - usually non-insulin-dependent diabetes usually affects adults over 40 and people overweight.

A diagnosis of diabetes is determined by a glucose blood test, Treatment is in 2 ways:

  1.  A combination of healthy diet and exercise
  2.  Medication with tablets and/or insulin

Diabetes is a life long illness and is monitored through routine check-ups by your Doctor who will check that the
current treatment is satisfactory and look out for any evidence of further dangerous complications such as eye or
kidney disease.

For further information, please call the surgery on
0151 295 3800.

We also have the patient.co.uk guidance leaflet on Diabetes Type 1 here:

And also a guidance leaflet for
Diabetes Type 2 available here:
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Diabtetes Clinic at St James Health Centre
PDF Download of Diabetes Type 1 Guidance
PDF Download of Diabetes Type 2 Guidance
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