Hepatitis Testing

Hepatitis is tested by blood test, designed to look for evidence that your immune system is trying to fight the virus. Testing can also include a check of your liver function. Further testing (if required) can include an ultrasound scan, or a liver biopsy (where a small sample of liver tissue is taken for testing).

How do I get tested?

Visit St James Health Centre. Contact us here to arrange an appointment.

What should I do if my Hepatitis test is positive?

If you test positively for hepatitis your doctor or nurse will advise you what to do and may prescribe antiviral medication. If you test positively for hepatitis C you will be referred to a specialist to discuss treatment options. It is thought that treatment is more effective the sooner it is started.

Some types of viral hepatitis will also require Public Health England to be notified. This is for types of hepatitis which are rarer in the UK such as hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Need advice?

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