St james health clinic services

Other Clinics and Health Care Services at St James Health Centre

These are some of our other types of clinics that are nurse led services.


At our clinic we provide an in-house experienced counsellor available by appointment by a referral off your GP.
Our Counsellor deals with, bereavements, depression, anxiety, stress, work related stress, anger, family problems and abuse. This is done by a telephone call to arrange a date and time for your one to one session to take place, our counsellor will keep you monitored and give you the best care and advice.

Fag ends

We have an experienced member of Roy castle fag ends to come in once a week on a Friday mornings, this service is by appointment only through fag ends on 0151 254 7260.

Baby clinic

Our baby clinic is set up for every two weeks on Tuesday mornings, the Health visitor and GP are here to ensure that your babies are all well and up to date with there immunisations and 8 week checks. We also offer a drop in clinic on a Thursday morning for any advice and queries.

Community matrons

District nurse service is available for any elderly that are housebound and need in house treatment; they are fully experienced and ensure that you get the best care and support that is needed.

Antenatal clinic

This clinic is set up on a Wednesday afternoon by a Midwife from the Women’s hospital who will provide you with the best care and advice for you and your baby. She will organise your scan follow ups at the Liverpool Women’s hospital and any other care you need.